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iTeach International Training & Learning Institute offers pre-service or in-service training courses for teachers by using student-centered methods and practical activities. The courses are suitable for Erasmus+ KA1 funding. Our trainers are highly qualified professionals with international experience and their lessons are examples of good practices. Our students are both teachers at the beginning of their career and experienced teachers, coming from different countries and backgrounds. Every student is special, so we have multiple intelligence approaches in the classroom, where we celebrate the diversity.
We offer short time courses and we can tailor them according to our clients’ institutional needs. Our team of lecturers will help you translate vision to reality. Our experienced team will help you change the paradigm of your teaching by using learner – based approaches. How to be a great 21st-century teacher? We offer you theoretical and practical knowledge about hot topics for every teacher: special education, using technology in the classroom, inquiry-based learning, using creativity in the classroom, preventing early school dropout, etc.
You just have to make two decisions: what and where. Where do you want to go and what do you want to educate yourself about. Regarding the destinations, we have different locations in our offer – from European capitals such as Paris and Prague to more intimate destinations such as Dubrovnik and Split.  iTeach ITL Institute is a confident and reliable partner in applying dissemination activities within the framework of Erasmus+. 

Our Team Of Teacher Trainers

Ofelia MANCAS Educational Consultant

BA - English Language and Literature
MA – Communication and Language Science
Speaking assessor for Cambridge YLEs Suite of Exams

Katarina BARICIC Coordinator of ITL Institute for Croatia

Master's Degree in English and Croatian language and literature, University of Split, Croatia

Ian QUIGLEY Coordinator of ITL Institute for Czechia

Intercultural People Management Trainer, Business Language and Presentation Coach


Bachelor's degree in Information and Communication Technologies in Education.

Sorina Monica ANDREI- Coordinator of ITL Institute for Romania

CELTA Cambridge teacher; Master's Degree in Corporate Communication, Bachelor's degree in English language and literature, University of Bucharest, Romania.


Bachelor's degree in Pedagogic and Metodic of Technical Education, Master's Degree in Science in Industrial Engineering


Bachelor's in Special Education Teaching & Master's Degree in Educational Administration, Inspection and Planning.

Sanda-Daniela ALEXEICIUC

Bachelor's degree in International Relations and Political Studies, Master's Degree in Human Rights and Democratization, PhD in Political Science and Sociology


Bachelor's degree & PhD in Law - Sakharov Fellow of Human Rights Program at Harvard University, Cambridge, USA


Bachelor's & Master’s degree in English Language and Literature

Lan Ayoola

Coordinator of ITL Institute for England


Master degree in Contemporary Art and Pedagogy, Ostrava University


Teacher trainer and educational consultant, CELTA, DELTA and CELT-P/S tutor, Oxford Teachers’ Academy trainer,

Satya Nooka Rajeev Mylapalli

Electronics and Communication Engineering
He is working on various learning modules at Centre for Research and Interdisciplinary

Aneta Bednarova

BA: Liberal Arts: degree in Philosophy, Psychology, Economy (Charles University in Prague
MA: Communication Studies and Journalism (Charles University in Prague)
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