Start your new KA1 Erasmus+ season 2021-2022 with the courses provided by iTEACH ITL-INSTITUTE. Join our confirmed Erasmus+ KA1 Courses. Last available places

  1. Prevention of Peer Violence – Stop the Silent Epidemic – 07 March 2022, Barcelona
  2. Classroom As a Stage: Using Drama in Education Process – 07 March 2022, Paris
  3. Education Equity Inclusive Education – 14 March 2022, Madrid
  4. Project Based Learning with Technology – 28 March 2022, Prague
  5. New Technologies and Future Classrooms: Educational Apps, Blended Learning and Flipped Learning – 28 March 2022, Prague
  6. Preventing Early School Dropout – A Challenge for Every Teacher – 04 April 2022, Prague
  7. Education Equity Inclusive Education – 08 April 2022, Prague
  8. Prevention of Peer Violence – Stop the Silent Epidemic – 11 April 2022, Prague
  9. Classroom As a Stage: Using Drama in Education Process – 11 April 2022, Prague
  10. STEM: A Step For the 21st Century Education – 11 April 2022, Helsinki
  11. My Eco-School and Sustainable Development – 25 April 2022, Prague
  12. New Technologies and Future Classrooms: Educational Apps, Blended Learning and Flipped Learning – 02 May 2022, Istanbul
  13. Building the Bridge: Refugees and Schools – 09 May 2022, Paris
  14. Building the Bridge: Refugees and Schools – 09 May 2022, Rome
  15. Learning-Based on Inquiry - A Modern Challenge for Teachers - 09 May 2022, Rome
  16. The Importance of Coaching For 21st Century Teachers – 08 August 2022, Prague
  17. New Technologies and Future Classrooms: Educational Apps, Blended Learning and Flipped Learning – 22 August 2022, Istanbul
  18. Effective Classroom Management Strategies And Ideas For Teachers - 26 September 2022, Rome
  19. Welbeing and Motivation through Art, Music, Drama -  24 October 2022, Istanbul

**The course costs 80 Euros per day per person. (Only for the course which includes conference hall rental, course materials, course documents - certificates and Europass documents, coffee/tea breaks, cultural activities. It does not include meals or accomodation

***All our training can be funded by Key Action 1 of Erasmus+***


 22 August 2022 Istanbul


 26 September 2022 Rome



Our institution has strong experience with Erasmus+ courses
Becoming a great teacher demands life-long learning. Every teacher needs to educate himself or herself as long as it is possible, in order to become a better educator, trainer, and teacher. It is not a matter of gaining knowledge, but it is the matter of having the right attitude.
However, formal education is only one type of learning. There are many other opportunities to further your knowledge as an educator and develop skills you need throughout life. Learning is unavoidable and happens all the time.

Highly qualified trainers with international experience

Project-based learning (PBL), eLearning, Assessment methods, ICT in the classroom... are only some of the topics that we offer to the teacher who applies to our institution. We offer various practical approaches in the classroom to improve your teaching. iTEACH ITL INSTITUTE offers a great experience for teachers to learn from our trainers as well as from other participants from the courses. You will get the chance to see and visit international schools. You will never stop learning, but learning can be interesting, funny and engaging, for both students and teachers. Lifelong learning can enhance our understanding of the world around us, make us better persons and improve our quality of life. Join us and don’t miss a chance to become even better teachers. Every teacher can be part of this great educational network. Our courses enable every teacher to improve their qualifications.
At iTEACH ITL INSTITUTE, our priority has always been high-quality education and 100% satisfaction for our participants. So far, our participants gave us very good feedback about the courses they attended. Our trainers have provided guidance and support services not only during the course but also after the course, enabling participants to complete their mobility experiences in a smooth way

Why teachers choose ITL Institute as their course provider?

  • We have strong experience with KA1 courses and the Erasmus+ programme. We have successfully taught around 100 courses so far
  • We have around 30 different courses in our portfolio and we can tailor a new course according to your institutional needs.
  • We are able to organize courses in any location in Europe. So far, our most requested destinations have been: Prague, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Split, Helsinki, Bucharest and Thessaloniki.
  • Free continuous support for the schools we work with, from the first stages of writing their project to the final report, at the end of their approved project.
  • Free organizational support for your mobilities: advice on accommodation, meals, flight tickets, local customs and visiting alternatives.
  • No hidden fees! All our support is free of charge and is included in the course fee.
  • Possible discounts for large groups
  • We are 100% focused on customer satisfaction. You can see the list of schools which chose our courses on our reference section here
  • We work with a team of international highly qualified trainers. You can check their bios here

Upcoming Events


Flipped Classroom - Flip the Class Through ICT

13 - 24 January 2020  
Barcelona - Spain
Academic Success through Classroom Management
20 - 26 January 2020  
  Prague - Czechia
STEM: A Step For the 21th Century Education
20 - 29 January 2020 
 Barcelona - Spain

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iTEACH INTERNATIONAL TRAINING & LEARNING INSTITUTE has experience in designing teacher development courses. We offer short time courses and we can tailor them according to our clients’ institutional needs. Our team of lecturers will help you translate vision to reality.

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